We take pride in our coffee and have stayed true to our African roots with a blend of beans that express the flavours from the place where coffee was founded. 

The first time coffee crops up in history is in a 15th century Sufi monastery in Yemen. But we believe in the old legend of Kaldi the goat herder. The story tells of an Ethiopian shepherd who noticed his  goats would get rather energetic from a certain bush. Thus leading to the discovery of coffee beans and ended with Kaldi crushing them to mix with hot water over a fire!

Another African speciality that we have become famous for is our Maziwa chai. It is our take on the Asian chai, which is now synonymous with many southern African countries. It is a milky spiced tea that we brew ourselves while you wait. Maziwa is Swahili for milky but it is also a sweet and aromatic tea which makes for a perfect end to any of our meals.

We also have a large selection of espresso shots and herbal teas if that takes your interest. All adding to the G'rillers relaxation experience!